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iPhone X Mobile Photography Box Set $89.99 $99.99

iPhone X Slim Case (fits iPhone X only) $29.99

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iPhone X

Mobile Photography Box Set







We provide a One-Year Limited Warranty


This product is designed for the iPhone X. Due to technical variation between devices, this clip will not fit the new iPhone XS, XS Max or XR. Solutions for those devices are available HERE, and all Connect X lenses are compatible. 

This bundle includes an iPhone X Clip, along with Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro Essential Lenses that offer a 180° spherical effect, a wider field of view and macro magnification to enhance your iPhone camera's perspective. This set is also equipped with Connect X Lens System, so you can swap with other Connect X Lenses (for iPhone X or Multi-Device Clip).

Using the iPhone X dual camera? Learn more HERE.

✔ Works with caseless iPhone.
✔ Works with olloclip Slim Case.
✖ Does not work with any other phone case.
✔ Screen protector compatible.
✖ Not compatible with flash.



Unique, 180° spherical effect to capture everything around you.
Use this for: action sports videos, creative portraits, emphasizing unique architecture or landscapes.


Doubles your field of view so you can get more in the frame.
Use this for: group selfies, expansive landscape and architecture shots.


Magnification turns your camera into a microscope for the ultimate close-up.
Use this for: a sharp focus on small subjects with a blurry "bokeh" background effect, discovering fine textures and intricate details.


• Swap with other Connect X Lenses (for iPhone X or Multi-Device Clip).

Multi-element coated glass optics deliver premium image quality.

Our patented system attaches and aligns instantly. No extra parts needed.

Aligns with front and rear-facing cameras.

Clip expands to work with screen protectors.

Pendant Stand opens to create a pocket-sized tripod.

Great for video, time-lapse, panoramas and 360° VR photos.

Works with all camera apps.

Includes: Fisheye Essential Lens, Super-Wide Essential Lens, Macro Essential Lens, iPhone X Clip + Pendant Stand, lens caps, microfiber cloth.


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