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Ithalu Dominguez



The olloclip community consists of people that come from all walks of life and from virtually every corner of the world. Here we highlight and recognize our community of Incredible Storytellers who inspire not only us, but others as well. 


Ithalu Dominguez | Graphic Designer

Montebello, California

Instagram:  @itha_mar

Facebook: Ithalu Dominguez Macro Photography

Ithalu Dominguez Photography

Photography Genre:
  Macro Photography

Device:  iPhone 11 Pro + Olloclip  7x, 14x, & 21x lenses

My name is Ithalu Dominguez. I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and have lived in California since 2008. Photography has always interested me since I was a child. I lived in a small town that was surrounded by beautiful pine trees, flower beds, lagoons, and beautiful landscapes. 

One of my passions and hobbies is taking pictures, especially macro photos of nature. My love of nature is what has inspired me to capture its beauty so that other people can see how beautiful it is. I like to capture all the little things that catch my eye and all the details that sometimes we don't notice, like small flowers, bugs, water drops and textures. 

I find that the best time to take macros is usually in the morning, when I take my dog for a walk. The bugs move less I guess because it is cooler. I usually find my subjects on plants or flowers and I look under the leaves for bugs. When I see one, I approach very slowly so they don't move or fly away. 

All of my photos are taken handheld, that way I don't miss a chance to take a good picture. The way that I get my shot is to have a lot of patience. Sometimes I have to wait a long to time for the right moment. I also never give up. If I don't capture the picture the way I wanted to, I will try again later until I finally get it. 

I have been taking macro photos for 7 years now and I have learned that each insect or plant has a special purpose on this earth. I am always amazed at how perfect nature is. One of my favorite subjects to watch and capture are bees. I've learned that they are so important to us and that without them, we would not have food.  


Although I am still learning how to improve on taking macros, I have learned that light is really important. When you use it with the right angle, you can capture crisp and sharp pictures. As long as there enough light, you can take a good macro. 

I use my iPhone 11 Pro with my set of Olloclip 7x, 14x, and 21x macro lenses. This set is perfect because they have different magnifications and you can choose which one to use depending on the size of the subject you want to capture. 

One of my joys is to see that the people I share my pictures and videos with on social media realize how beautiful a simple or small thing can be. Like me, there are many people that like to do macro photography and the macro community inspires me. I always carry my olloclip macro lenses with me because you never know when you are going to find a beautiful thing to capture. 


 See more of Ithalu's photography on Instagram.



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Ithalu Dominguez

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