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Luminary Artist Print Gallery



The Luminary Artist Print Gallery is an intimate collection of images from the Olloclip Luminaries. Each one has a story and holds a unique place in the precious portfolio of each photographers life. Here in the gallery you will see the reflection of each photographer through their words and their works.

Prints are available for purchase for a limited time through the print professionals at SmugMug. Click on any image to purchase.

Chris Burkard | Pismo Beach, California

Kuril Islands

"Remote islands in far away places are what I used to dream about as a kid and the Kuril Islands are about as far away as it gets. I would flip through pages of magazines at this tiny magazine shop that I worked at in Pismo Beach. At the time I thought that surrounding myself by magazines I was inspired by would somehow get me closer to those places...Boy was I wrong. Nothing felt more torturous to be honest. I quit that job at 19 and never looked back. I learned something pretty important during those days. No amount of dreaming about distant shores will get you closer to standing on them. Taking a risk is the only way to progress. It took nearly a decade but I finally made it to where I wanted to be."


"I'm always looking for something to lead the eye. Whether it be a river, a road, or a natural formation, it gives an image a much more immersive quality. In the case of this vast Utah landscape, these golden ridges do the trick perfectly. This entire zone is actually BLM land, free for anyone to explore. While flying above this landscape I couldn't help but wonder how many of these ridges have gone untouched for thousands of years and how much history lies within them. For those willing to venture deep into the desert beyond the lines of ancient sand dunes, there lay Petroglyphs littered throughout the rock walls just waiting to be discovered."


Swiss Alps

 "A casual Sunday stroll in the Swiss Alps...Over the years mountain guides have helped facilitate some of my best experiences with and without a camera. The Swiss are among some of my favorite and worked closely with me to bring this shot to life. This shot required communication among not only myself and the climbers but with the helicopter pilot as well. People often ask me for photography advice, especially before they take to the air for the first time. Although they usually expect to hear a technical answer about shutter speed or aperture, my answer is always communication. It takes a lot of back and forth and deliberation to get everything into position when you're traveling through the air at high speeds. But, moments like these when it all comes together are why I love aerial photography so much."

Luke Cartwright | England

In recent months I visited the US to explore California and the Southwest. This trip is one that will be talked about around our dinner table for an eternity. It was a trip that made me realize that no other hobby could come with greater or longer lasting satisfaction than photography. It has made me realize how lucky we are in having the ability to show all of these special times, incredible places and beautiful moments for everybody to see and experience for themselves.


"After dropping everything off at a local hotel we were staying in, this was the first view we had heading into the valley. Endless layers of textures allowed me to frame it perfectly."


Zion National Park

"On our way back to camp, after spending the evening watching the sunset, it seemed a shame to ignore such a bright and clear night sky. I had no tripod with me and had to strategically place my camera on the roof rack of the truck to capture this long exposure. Then we cooked dinner in the moonlight."


Echo Bay 

"Without hesitation or doubt this was one of the most memorable days of my life. Having the freedom to land on a deserted airfield, with the ability to sit on the runway in the midday sun in complete silence looking out at a seemingly never ending expanse of open space. It was one of my better weekdays, that's for sure."

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Luminary Artist Print Gallery

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