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The olloclip community consists of people that come from all walks of life and from virtually every corner of the world. Here we highlight and recognize our community of Incredible Storytellers who inspire not only us, but others as well. 


Edouard Fonquernie Profile


Digital Project Manager | Hobby Photographer

Paris, France

Instagram:   @edouardfonquernie

Profession:   Application Design / Data Analyst

Photography Genres:   Landscape, Architecture, and Lifestyle  

Gear:   iPhone 7 Plus - Olloclip Fisheye, Wide-Angle, Macro


My photography journey began 10 years ago when I got my first iPhone. Trying to live an intense life, enjoying every moment, saying yes to all opportunities, always keeping in mind that time goes too fast; that life can fly away overnight. I needed to immortalize all these memories, so I started to take photos of everything, everyday.

Mesnil, Champange-Ardenne, France - Fisheye

Piana, Corse, France - Fisheye

During my studies I met very inspiring people and discovered a kind of passion for beautiful pictures, graphism, user experience, etc. I met an individual who was passionate about photography and he showed me his Fisheye lens at a party. Outside, inside, portraits, group photos, selfies… All photos were incredibly fun, with an incomparable immersion effect! Complete with a saturation boost edit, it produced such wonderful results that I instantly decided to buy one!

Avallon, Bourgogne, France - Fisheye

Rouen, France

I started with some research and discovered olloclip®. I bought one for my iPhone 5 and fell instantly in love with it. I always took it with me. It was light, beautiful, strong and usable in 3 seconds! Finally, I never really needed a professional camera as it already produced extraordinary quality results! (The Macro produced really great results and the Wide-Angle gave another dimensions to photos. I used the Fisheye for almost all my photos, as everybody would admit.)

Taft Point, Yosemite National Park, USA

Years passed, I bought the new iPhone 6 and the new olloclip® 3-in-one with the Fisheye lens. I kept catching everything in photos. I became a digital project manager and intensified my work time. I replaced parties with travel. I was fascinated and inspired by the beauty of the world; the landscapes, the blue waters of the seas, old castles, cities, villages, and architectural wonders. I went to them and I caught everything with my olloclip® Fisheye; mostly for my own pleasure and memories.

Cow - Fisheye

Burning Man

Believing in the future of data, I became an expert in data analysis. Photography will only stay a hobby. Pleasure is always better when shared, the idea came to open an Instagram account. The fact that it was public, made me want to constantly improve my shot quality to have the greatest possible results.

Today, this page is a focus on my pillars: Work with passion, exercise, see friends and family, enjoy the beauty of the world as much as I can, and sharing all this with the Fisheye lens; highly saturated generous rendering to give all the dimensions of the moment. I sincerely hope this will help people discover new places and be motivated to enjoy life as much as they can.

Life is now; live it, share it, in your own way - Mine is olloclip®.





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