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Case Study | Lighten Up




Ryan Robinson

Professional Highliner | Adventure Athlete | Photographer


There is an unusual feeling of peaceful simplicity that arises when you see Ryan Robinson gracefully walking a highline draped across a serene landscape. At first glance it's just a man on a rope, but in reality it's far more elaborate than it appears. The quest to achieve a successful walk across an expanse of line is riddled with the complexity of human emotions and paralyzing fear. 



Aside from the near perfect physical form required to achieve such feats, there is a rare set of skills one must acquire and maintain in order to walk the line. This individual holds the highest credentials of mental fortitude and emotional endurance that one could humanly possess. Ryan is one of the precious few who has them.

His success is a result of vigorous mastery over the human challenge of perseverance and self-acceptance. He has pushed through some of the most mentally and emotionally challenging walks to find wholeness at the other end, which he has described as having been..


"...earned through the heat of the refiner's fire." - Ryan Robinson 





Case Study 

Challenge Presented:

When traveling, Ryan carries an extraordinary amount of equipment with him. Every pound of weight is crucial whether traveling by air, water, or land. 

"It's no easy task being a renaissance man - loving what I do and challenging myself to be good at everything also carries with it the task of packing tons of gear. Highlining alone accounts for at least 75-100 lbs. of gear, and that's for a relatively small line. Add to that that I am a photographer and there's another 25 lbs., at least, and that's just the baseline.

 If we have to climb to get the highline anchors, we need to bring additional climbing gear. If we establish an anchor, we may have to bring drills and steel equipment to create the anchor, etc. So now we're looking at (on average) 700-1000 feet of webbing, 200 feet of rope, harness equipment, helmet, quickdraws, personal safety equipment, leashes, pulley systems, WATER! FOOD! I haven't even gotten to photography gear yet..."



"I have so much gear with me at all times, and all of it is vital, so it's nearly impossible to lighten my load. As an athlete photographer, this creates even more need for me to find lightweight equipment that will also be strong enough and high enough quality to get the job done well."


The compact size of the olloclip lens system allows the user to carry the product with far less weight than that of a traditional full frame camera set up.  The lens system that Ryan travels with has a combined weight of about 8 ounces. 




"That's one of the coolest things about the olloclip system. Now on those missions where weight is vital, I can bring my olloclip lenses and I'm able to compose photos that almost compete with my full frame camera, all while shaving around 30 lbs. off of my back. I never add anything to my pack, but olloclip was the exception."



Ryan is among the most inspiring people we know. His contagious pursuit of happiness and relentless search for a deeper meaning to life is uplifting to all who experience him through his adventures, his writings, and his photography.



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Ryan Robinson

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