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Connect X Fisheye + Macro Essential Lenses (Clip Sold Separately) $44.99
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How it works.

Have you ever wanted a picture of your family at a table and find yourself leaning back over the table next to you to fit everyone in? Attaching our olloclip Super-Wide Lens to your phone using one of our patented clips solves that problem. From turning your phone into a microscope to making it have a Fisheye view, our lenses enhance your mobile camera's perspective, allowing you to see beyond the capabilities of your device. Altering a photo using an app or the phone’s digital zoom cannot duplicate the optical physics built into every one of our award-winning lenses. Check out what our Super-Wide Lens can do in the video below to see why mobile photographers all over the world rely on olloclip for those once in a lifetime shots when all you have with you is your phone:

The lens system.

Our lenses are designed to swap in and out of a clip, which is then mounted onto your device.

We offer device-specific clips for iPhone X, iPhone 8/7iPhone 8/7 Plus, iPhone SE, and will soon offer clips for iPhone XR, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max. For other devices, we offer the Multi-Device Clip.


How to use one of our clips.

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